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Today, your clients can experience the events, products, services, or environments that you have created first hand from anywhere in the world thanks to 360 panorama technology.

Until now, people had to settle for standard two dimensional images that could not fully convey the subject at hand. Although there are still great benefits to the traditional form of imagery and photography that is used on a daily basis around the world, the 360 panorama has made massive inroads precisely because of the extra dimensions it brings.


The technology has only been around a short time, but it has managed to change the way people, businesses, and organizations present their products, services, environments, and events. The general principle of 360 degree images provides a virtual tour that is unlike any other experience.

Interactive content

360-degree inspection tours allow your clients to interact with your property on a variety of devices. Virtual tours can be displayed in a browser which the viewing direction is navigated using the mouse or keyboard. This really is the least spectacular experience.

Viewing on a smartphone or tablet tilt the 360° degree inspectionto a higher level. Thanks to the built-in gyroscope detailed viewing direction is determined by the position of the device. So when you move your smartphone or tablet, the image shifts along.

The most spectacular experience is to view the tour with Google Cardboard VR goggles, Samsung Gear or the Oculus Rift. These Head Mounted Display’s allow the viewer to immerse themselves into the environment.

If a picture says a thousand words, how much say a 360-degree video then?

Everyone gets the best seat in the house

Traditionally, two dimensional images have been presented for well over a century. In movie theatres and then in television and now computer streaming on the internet.

such images have become part of our heritage. Generally speaking, this consists of sitting on one side while watching the projected image on the other side


The limitations of the traditional projected image are rather straightforward. You can only see what the single camera that recorded the image presents. This means that you cannot look around to see what is outside the frames of that particular image. In fact, the use of the singular two dimensional image has advanced to an art form with the use of composition, lighting, and blocking to deliver more than just what you see.

Interactive content

With the 360 degree capabilities in images, now you can see everything that a person who was present at the event, encounter, product placement, service, and the like can see. This means that you can present full images of products so that people can see them all the way around which is a technology that has been around for a few years or they can view a 360 panorama video that provides a complete look at what a person sees if they were simply standing there.

You can really have the best seat in the house for an accommodation tour thanks to the images presented in 360 degree. This immersive technology is fairly new and one that provides a new take on how things are presented in video.

Immerse into the virtual tour with a VR HMD