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Our professional live event broadcast streaming brings your event to audiences all around the world.

With the sudden emergence of portable web-cameras and increasing internet speeds, video streaming is becoming more popular with platforms like Facebook and YouTube. These days almost anyone with a smartphone in their pocket can stream and share live video. Unfortunately the quality of such streams is often poor, unstable, from bad viewing angles, not to mention the poor audio quality.
If you want your audiences to enjoy your next performance or event broadcast from multiple camera angles in full high definition with professional audio, we will get you on air. On Eyre provide professional broadcasting solutions for events big and small, whether it’s a conference, sport event, awards night or wedding, On Eyre will stream it to your audiences all around the world with professional titles, presentations, infographics or scoreboards with statistics. We can even include a ‘live twitter feed’ to enable your viewers to interact with your event.
The cost of a professional ‘broadcast standard’ live stream is cheaper than you may imagine and can even be a revenue raiser for your club or organisation. Sponsors, supporters and businesses will often contribute further for ‘sponsored messages’ throughout your event stream.
Contact OnEyre today and get your message On Air. We will happily work you to find a streaming solution to suit your event and budget.

Sporting Events


here is a recent Football match streamed live bo